Peak Performance Psychology for Performers

Build the self-confidence to deliver a top notch performance, no matter how tough the circumstances. Develop the practice habits and resilience that will maximise your chances of success. Get the mental edge that will help you go the distance in a competitive industry.

Performing is tough and, ultimately, it’s what you draw on internally that makes the difference.

Performers, like other creatives, are typically sensitive people. But while sensitivity is an asset when it comes to artistic expression, it can pose significant challenges when the criticism and rejections start to pile up. When you pour your heart and soul into a live performance, it's personal. That makes the bad times so much harder to take - you've given your all and that makes you vulnerable.

Performing is personal

Many talented performers don't have the mental toughness to keep putting themselves out there, day-in day-out, when they're met, all too often, with indifference, apathy, lack of understanding, and criticism. This is understandable.

But it's also unfortunate. The road to success as a performer is paved with challenging experiences like this. If you want to succeed, you have to do more than just survive. You need to learn how to draw on specific inner resources to thrive no matter what life throws at you. This isn't easy to do but then, if you wanted an easy life, you wouldn't have chosen to be a performer!

There's one thing I've learned from the performers I've worked with over the years: You're probably doing it tougher than you need to be. Sure the road to success is a challenging one, but you don't have to travel along it in a bumpy, uncomfortable vehicle. There are easier, more pleasant ways to get from A to B. I've created this course to help you upgrade to a more luxurious vehicle - a way of being that will make the journey infinitely more pleasant.

It's not easy to be a performer in today's world, yet our world needs stories and emotional connection and laughter more than ever.

My goal in this program is to shine some light on the difficulties you face in your journey as a performer, to give you the inner resources to not just meet the demands of the day, but to share your own unique potential with the world. To help you give what you have to give.

The Peak Performance Psychology for Performers course is an online program that will teach you how to build the psychological strengths that drive high performance. The psychological drivers of high performance are no mystery: Research has shown that a set of core strengths underpins performance in a range of domains including sport, the arts, public performance, even surgery.

The course is designed to run over twenty weeks, with a new module released every fortnight, but you can work at whatever pace suits you best – you’ll get a new module when you send through your submission for the previous one.

What will you get?

  • Comprehensive, up-to-date information about each of the crucial, psychological drivers of success, tailored specifically to the needs of performers.
  • Evidence-based self-help approaches grounded in the latest psychological research so you can build real bench strength in each key area.
  • Where available, validated measures that you can use to see how you’re tracking.
  • The tools to develop a personalised peak performance plan tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Blog questions at the end of each module so you can reflect on the content and keep me up to date with your progress and peak performance planning.
  • Personal feedback from me on all (private) blog submissions – encouragement, support and extra insight as you develop and implement your peak performance plan.
  • Access to supplementary resources – videos, audio files and recommended reading.

Course Content

 Each module tackles a specific set of psychological skills that research has shown improves achievement outcomes, all tailored to the specific needs of performers.

  • Mental toughness, hardiness and resilience
  • Coping with setbacks, criticism and rejection
  • Self-confidence
  • Motivation and goals
  • Behavioural modification planning – initiating changes that will maximise your chances of success
  • Work habits
  • Cognition that drives success
  • Locus of control, realistic expectations and circles of influence
  • Stress and recovery
  • Imagery and mental rehearsal

Don’t let fear hold you back. Fulfil your potential!

Peak Performance Psychology for Performers launches on 18 September 2015. Sign up today for a 20% Early Bird Discount.

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Testimonials and research

The difference this peak performance psychology program makes to participants has been scientifically measured in a study run at the  Australian National University. Statistical analysis of pre- and post-program scores on a range of validated psychometric measures showed improvements on all peak performance factors. Overall peak performance psychology improved significantly, with an large effect size (r = 0.66)

Participants had much higher self-confidence at the end of the program (r = 0.49), much better work habits (r = 0.42), and a significantly improved ability to cope with setbacks (r = 0.38).

Read participant testimonials here.


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Scarlet Bennett

Scarlet Bennett

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