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Chained Melodies by Debrah Martin

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Welcome to the Book Blitz for Chained Melodies by Debrah Martin! 

Chained Melodies: a startling transgender story to rival The Danish Girl:
Chained Melodies is the story of two men, three people and the meaning of love.

ChainedMelodiesEngland in the 1960s: Will Robinson and Tom Wilson are just two ordinary boys – best friends, But Will and Tom will grow up to be very different people to the schoolboys who scrumped apples and scraped knees together. By the time they’re in their twenties, Tom has experienced death and disillusionment whilst serving in Northern Ireland and is questioning everything he ever believed in. Will has discovered he’s living in the wrong body. It takes courage to face the truth, but it takes a different kind of courage to live with it. Tom and Will find that courage through each other – and an unexpected kind of love. Chained Melodies tells Will, Tom and Billie’s stories – an echo of Lili Elbe’s, and a foreshadowing of Caitlyn Jenner’s.

Chained Melodies was first released in early 2013 to critical acclaim as Chained Melody, but has been out of print for the last year. Reviewers commented on the first release:

“…a beautiful book about love, acceptance and self-discovery …”
“…truly a must read …”
“…it's not a transsexual love story, it's a love story that happens to feature transsexuals. The author did an amazing job making the characters three-dimensional and their self-discovery journey is transforming not just for them, but the reader too.”

It has now been updated and revised and is on release from 5th October 2015 under its new title, coincidentally close to the forthcoming limited release of The Danish Girl starring Eddie Redmayne – the story of Lili Elbe, the first male to female SRS, and also mentioned in Chained Melodies. The author worked with members of the transgender community to write the book, and was interviewed on radio with one of them following the original release, which was also linked to the nationally touring portrait exhibition of transgender people titled Living My Life, compiled by Sheffield NHS trust.

Debrah Martin is a British author writing under three different pen names and in three very different genres.

She plots fast-paced thrillers as D.B. Martin,  with the first in the Patchwork trilogy, Patchwork Man, having been recently awarded a coveted B.R.A.G. Medallion. Her YA teen detective series is penned as Lily Stuart – THE teen detective; irreverent, blunt, funny and vulnerable. Webs and Magpiesare the first two books in the series. And as Debrah Martin she writes literary fiction. Her second literary fiction, Falling Awake, described pre-release as “In the best traditions of Audrey Niffenegger and Carlos Ruiz Zafón… will also be on release at the end of October 2015.
Debrah Martin can be emailed on 
Her website is 

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Net Galley reviewers can access an ARC of Chained Melodies there from 7th October, and all reviewers can obtain a copy and more information about Debrah’s other works by contacting her at the email address below.

For the first thirty reviewers to post a review of Chained Melodies on Amazon, if you email Debrah with a link to the review, she’ll send you a bumper bundle (digital) of her other adult fiction books, including the award-winning Patchwork People series. Reviewers are also invited to contact Debrah for review copies of any of her books.

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Review of Whiskey Witches by Hannah Rohe

There’s a serial killer on the loose, and the killings are so strange that Detective Paige Whiskey is called in to solve them. Coming from a long line of witches, she’s singularly qualified to deal with sacrificial murders and the strange markings on the bodies of the victims. She soon finds herself in trouble, though, when she realises the bodies were left for her, to lure her into the killer’s hands. She’d thought she had no powers, but when a web of lies comes crumbling down around her ears, Paige is thrown headlong into a danger she could never have anticipated.

I don’t tend to read much paranormal fiction, but the premise of this book really caught my attention. A supernatural detective? A combination of magic and a murder mystery? I’m in.

It’s hard to say too much about the plot without spoiling it, which I really don’t want to do. Whiskey Witches is a rollercoaster of plot twists and surprises, and it had me racing to see what happened next. Pacey and suspenseful, but with a surprising emotional heart. There was no skimping on character – I wanted to know what happened with Paige and her estranged mother as badly as I wanted to know what the killer was after. The episodic structure of the book meant there was plenty of time to explore both character and plot within an episode, without having to cut corners on either.

I was somewhat disappointed that Paige didn’t get more chances to be heroic. It seemed like every time the opportunity arose, she’d get knocked out, or possessed by a demon, or be too emotionally distraught to handle the situation. Her distress had a very good reason, but I feel like she didn’t get the opportunity to use her power, or even her detective skills, to their full extent. Another copy-edit of the manuscript wouldn’t have gone astray, either. I kept getting jarred out of the story by a grammatical error or typo.

This is a great book for anyone with a taste for the supernatural, or a hankering for an unusual detective story. Pacey, emotional, and with moments of startling humour, Whiskey Witches is one to look out for.

Hannah Rohe

Hannah Rohe

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