Goodbye Stage Fright

Do nerves hold you back when you have to perform in front of other people? Is your lack of confidence as a public speaker limiting your career prospects? Are you a live performer (singer, actor, musician, dancer, comedian etc) who suffers badly with stage fright? Do nerves impair your ability to sell yourself effectively in job interviews?

Goodbye Stage Fright

If so, you're far from alone. Stage fright - referred to in the literature as performance anxiety - is a common problem. The good news is that it responds positively to some fairly simple interventions. This is not something you have to just live with. You can learn to make it work for you instead of against you.

Studies show that a lot of people abandon their dreams - of performing careers and workplace promotions, for instance - because of the nerves they suffer when they have to present in front of other people. Not only are the physical symptoms awful to experience, but it's embarrassing to stand up in front of a group and shake, stammer, and forget everything you'd planned to do or say. 

The truth is, there are times in all of our lives when we just have to deliver. If you have to represent your organisation in an important forum, then you need to deliver the goods - and you need to instill confidence in your audience while you're doing so. If you're a live performer, then you may only have 3 minutes in an audition to convince a panel that you're the best person for the job. All your years of hard work converge on this 3 minute window of opportunity. The question is, will you be in a position to do yourself justice?

Goodbye Stage Fright

Many people answer 'no' to this question, and studies show that more than 55% of professional performers (of various kinds) believe that their careers have been limited by the decline in performance quality that occurs when they're nervous. Business professionals that I work with say the same thing. But it needn't be this way. You can learn not just to manage your nerves so they stay under control, but to actually harness them as a tool that will improve your performance.

Don't let stage fright limit your prospects! There's a world of opportunity on the other side of it.

The Goodbye Stage Fright course is an online program that will show you how to overcome performance anxiety so you can follow your dreams and realise your full potential.

The course is designed to run over six weeks, with a new module released each week, but you can work at your own pace – you’ll receive a new module when you send through your submission for the previous one.

What will you get?

Goodbye Stage Fright the Key to Success
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date information about the causes of performance anxiety and the different ways it manifests.
  • Insight into your own particular response pattern (this matters because solutions need to match symptoms).
  • Evidence-based self-help approaches to treatment.
  • Weekly exercises to get you actively engaged with solutions.
  • Personal feedback from me on the (private) blogs you submit each week - encouragement, support and extra insight as you work through the program.
  • Access to supplementary resources - videos, audio files and recommended reading.


Course Content

Goodbye Stage Fright
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  • Finding your own triggers: Lessons from the past.
  • Cognitive versus physiological responders: How does performance anxiety affect you?
  • Introducing solutions: The upside of nerves.
  • Putting (the right) solutions into practice: What works and what doesn't work.
  • Building on your success - preparing for the future.
  • Preventing relapse.




Research and Testimonials

The content of this course was part of a semester long performance psychology program run at the Australian National University. The effectiveness of the program has been scientifically measured, with all participants reporting substantial improvements in their ability to deliver confident performances and manage performance anxiety. The graph shows improvements on all peak performance variables covered in the program (applicable to my online peak performance psychology programs).

The bar on the far right shows participant perceptions of the effectiveness of the performance anxiety component..


Disclaimer: Please note that this is a performance psychology program designed to help you optimise your career outcomes. This program is not a mental health intervention and my expertise is in career related psychology, not clinical psychology. If you’re struggling with more complex anxiety or other mental health issues, this program is not right for you. Please see your doctor immediately to get the support you need. Don’t wait! Get help today. You’re worth it.

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