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Week 34: Creative Challenge 52

Stephen Bennett has produced some wonderful landscape images again this week. His tetraptych is of a ruined cattleman's cottage that he found at Shannon's Flat on the back road from Canberra to Adaminaby. There was no fence in evidence so he bowled up to discover he had the place to himself and then spent a happy hour exploring with his Hasselblad. It's just as well he did, because it's wet and windy in Canberra today - not a suitable photography day at all.

Cattleman's hut landscape photos

Kanen Breen

Opera singer and Strange Bedfellow, Kanen Breen, is apologetic about this week's creation. In fact, he claims it's his weakest effort to date which, given his extraordinarily high standards, is hardly discouraging.

He's in Daylesford for Mother's Day where his sister also lives. He hadn't yet come up with any creative plan of note, so he was delighted to find that his uber creative sister, Keele, had fashioned a lamp together out of old bits of other lamps and light-fittings but had yet to tackle the plain, boring lampshade atop her masterpiece. He says he's not kidding when he tells us this dreadful effort (his words!) took him ten minutes.

The fabric is an old skirt of Keele's that he's stretched into place without cutting and then sewed in with the hideous bobble trim she bought for her daughter. Kanen says, 'it aint pretty, but I'll sneak over the line with it and aim for a more considered contribution next week.' I think he's being too modest by far. A Breen original is still a Breen original and this lampshade has a charming retro feel.

Kanens lampshade makeover

Keryn Clark

South African born writer, florist and cake whizz, Keryn Clark, has been frantically busy this weekend with Mother's Day flowers. Aware that she had no chance of contributing anything today, she submitted some photos earlier in the week, documenting her history in Perth.

This little house is where she first encountered her business partner, Remy, nearly twenty years ago. His twin brother is a hairdresser who used to work out of the house and Remy had his art works on display there too. That meeting set in motion a creative partnership that has lasted ever since.

Keryns house
Perth in transition - a photo journey

Keryn wanted to capture Perth in transition in her images. When she first arrived in Perth, Beaufort Street near the art school was undeveloped, but now the city has started to swirl around it. The little grey vintage shop is where Keryn had her first poetry framed, and Wall Candy was a source of inspiration, not to mention an endless source of furniture. Keryn has included a photo of her signature flower, the bougainvillea, even though she says that roses run a close second. Finally, the terrace houses have been overtaken by McDonalds and Officeworks. Keryn says she knew the person who owned one of them and he bought it years ago for $480,000. Imagine what it would be worth now.

Perth in transition - a photo journey
Perth in transition - a photo journey
Perth in transition - a photo journey

Telena Routh

Classical oboist and textile designer, Telena Routh, has been continuing her exploration of eco-dyeing this week. With all the recent storms, there's been an abundance of kerbside branches in her street, so she's had some fun foraging for suitable plant matter.

Telena has made a lightweight off-white felted wrap comprised of two fine layers of fleece over silk chiffon. After felting, she soaked it for a few hours in a bath of alum and water. She then layered it with leaves and gumnuts and rolled it around some dowel. She tied it and boiled it in a large saucepan with the addition of some bits of rust. She left it in the solution for four days to let the colours develop. As you can see, the foliage has left clear imprints - gorgeous.

Eco-dyed wrap

Telena has also made a felt lace wrap this week for the friend who was responsible for all the beautiful flowers at Rachel's recent wedding.

felt lace wrap

With winter approaching and several friends expecting babies, Telena has been knitting some gumnut hats. She's very fond of this pattern and the yarn is very soft and warm. They don't take long to knit so she now has quite a collection. Telena has damaged a ligament in her ankle so she says it's time to put her feet up and do some more knitting. Anyone expecting? There are hats to spare.

knitted baby hats

Trish Urquhart

Trish Urquhart, who runs Allaboutwriting, works as a documentary producer for Left-Eye Productions, and tries her best to live up to the title chef extraordinaire is still cooking up a storm on Patience, their recently refurbished narrowboat. She's written an erudite blog this week, featuring impressive words like revictual and gongoozler. If these words are as foreign to you as they were to me, check out Trish's blog here. You'll be able to impress the punters silly with your new words, and Trish's travel photography is awesome too.

Trish has also filmed a moody time lapse video from the boat. There's water, clouds and trains and a tangible sense of chill in the air. Love it.

Scarlet Bennett

My friend Kayleen came over for a jewellery making lesson yesterday and I taught her how to make a gorgeous silver cuff, which I then forgot to photograph. Just as well I'd made a small something extra - some cute sterling silver earrings to liven up a cold, grey weekend.

Sterling silver spiral earrings

Week 29: Creative Challenge 52

Trish Urquhart, who runs Allaboutwriting, works as a documentary producer for Left-Eye Productions, and tries her best to live up to the title chef extraordinaire, has been cooking up a storm in Oxford this week. She's also been working on her travel photography and she has some gorgeous photos to share.

But first, to food...

Trishs Honey Onions
Trishs UK Photos

Trish and Richard have spent a few days in Braunston in the UK, overseeing the refurbishment of their narrowboat, Patience. They're staying in Southfield Cottage, with its picturesque environs and stylish interior. When they arrived at the cottage, they discovered an unexpected gift - a jar of Southfield honey, and Trish was determined to put the honey to good use. She started by serving it with Greek yoghurt and chopped almonds for breakfast. She then created a wonderful caramelised onion side dish using honey and a combination of herbs that she found in the cottage garden. Trish finished her honey extravaganza with a honey and lemon posset. I'm salivating at the thought! To see more details and poach the recipes (pardon the pun), visit Trish's fabulous food blog here. I'll race you to the caramelised onion recipe.

Here are a few of the photos Trish has taken this past week. Anyone for a trip to the UK?

Trishs UK Photos

Kanen Breen

Opera singer and Strange Bedfellow, Kanen Breen, has been experimenting with a new creation this week. He's been looking for a while now at some 'table-cloth stuff' in the local hardware store, and wondering what uses he could come up with for it. He finally bit the bullet and bought a metre this week for $5 (he does adore a bargain), then delved into the garage of horrors for inspiration.

He came across this battered old lampshade, found (you guessed it) in the gutter, and decided that it would be a good match, since it's ordinary to begin with and the flower plastic stuff is pretty vile too.

Kanens lampshade makeover

Now that he's sewed the plastic on, however, he actually loves it - mostly at night, when it casts a beautiful light, but also during the day when the shine of the plastic catches the light and looks like something your grandmother kept in the good room and never took the dust cover off.

Due to his initial scepticism, he says he did a truly shocking job with the sewing and measuring, but now that he likes the result, he's going to gild the lily in the coming week to conceal his haste and slop.

Kanens lamp makeover

It's absolutely gorgeous now. I wonder how he'll improve it. Glitter? Sequins? An inner sole trim? The mind boggles.

Keryn Clark

Keryns backyard

South African born writer, florist and cake whizz, Keryn Clark, has had her dreaded cement box front and foremost in her mind this week. The lone frangipani now has some company and some of the more offensive decorations have been removed - the hanging baskets full of dead basil that just added to the despair of the place, for example. The baskets will be pressed into service later, but this week Keryn planted cordelines that were suffering from air conditioning damage in the shop. She's also called someone in to give her a quote on boxing the water tanks and putting up an undercover pergola on the deck.

Keryns backyard

 After much soul searching, Keryn has decided to go tropical with her backyard space, as she doesn't want to spend a fortune on it. Also, she has a friend who is cleaning out his garden, and he's donating lots of tropical freebies so why not go with that? The plan is to create a tropical jungle. Keryn says you need a lot of imagination to see this, but she has a vision in her head, inspired by a post in Gardinista. If a tropical garden works in a tiny London backyard, Keryn reasons, why not the tropics?

Vintage vase

Keryn has been busy this week. She's also painted some more green walls - this time a delicate sage. The contrast to the existing darker green was to accommodate a beautiful art deco vintage vase her sister gave her.

Finally, if the Gold Coast didn't know that Keryn and Remy had arrived, they certainly do now. Keryn has advertised on a billboard, buying slots for April and September. While the poster was put together by a graphic artist, it was designed by Keryn using the photos she took of a bunch of roses she picked in Perth some time in November. The Perth roses are now a firm feature of their Gold Coast flower shop. Lovely!

Bloom in Design

Telena Routh

Classical oboist and textile designer, Telena Routh, is happy to report that her daughter Rachel's wedding was a wonderful and joyous event, in spite of the rain that fell in Sydney over Easter, Rachel and Cameron are now happily married, and Telena has enjoyed the celebrations with family and friends.

Rachels wedding

In the midst of final wedding preparations, Telena managed to find time to create these eye-catching and unusual neck pieces using the felted beads that she made in previous weeks. How on earth did she manage it? Impressive stuff.

Telenas felt jewellery

Stephen Bennett

Stephen Bennett decided to try his hand at some more music this week, and also aimed for something a bit more melodic and accessible. He feels that he's onto something with this short piece.

Scarlet Bennett

My mum is going abroad at the end of June and I wanted to make her a new piece to take with her, to brighten up her travel wardrobe. Sticking with the vintage theme I embarked upon last week, I created a large pendant using sky blue mountain jade to remind her of the Australian sky (she may not see much blue sky in Europe, even in early summer!), and it's turned out beautifully.

The great thing about a piece like this is its versatility. You can wear it out in the evening or with jeans and a jacket during the day to dress up a casual outfit. The perfect reminder of a sunny Aussie day for those slightly homesick moments.

Blue Mountain Jade pendant