Week 50: Creative Challenge 52

Opera singer and Strange Bedfellow, Kanen Breen, sends greetings from sunny Wodonga today. He is, he says, time poor but glitter rich, and he's whipped up these little Target lovelies in a sparkling frenzy for his tour manager, Libby Hill, who greatly admired last week's blue effort. Libby swears that she'll wear the boots to their first regional performance of Remembrance.

Kanen's shoe makeover

The shoe makeover took Kanen all of 90 minutes - he's getting speedy and slap dash in his old age, he says. Speedy perhaps, but I can see no sign of the slap dash. These shoes are just splendid.

Kanen's shoe makeover

Trish Urquhart

Trish Urquhart, who runs Allaboutwriting, works as a documentary producer for Left-Eye Productions, and tries her best to live up to the title chef extraordinaire, has been impressively creative with the fruit she's been picking along the river bank this past week.

Trish made spiced roasted plums, which she says are delicious on oat porridge, with yoghurt, and also with cheese and crackers. She made sloe gin, which will take at least six months to mature (but will it last that long without someone giving in to the urge to sample it?). Still working with free fruit, Trish made apple, elderberry and sloe jelly. She also made a tomato tart tatin, and she's taken photos to show the making of it. Do check out Trish's food blog to see more of her fabulous food adventures.

Trish's tomato tart tatin

Trish has also been busy with travel photography this week and she's shared a photo of Godmanchester at night. Stunning.


Telena Routh

Classical oboist and textile designer, Telena Routh, has been busy preparing for an overseas trip. That meant lots of packing and giving extra lessons to prepare her students for exams too.

She decided to felt a cover for her ipad so she can slip it into her handbag while sightseeing. Telena estimated the size of her pattern before shrinkage and laid out the base layer of a silvery grey fleece with a more colourful fleece laid on top. She had to felt carefully to avoid getting ridges around the edges, measuring at each step to make sure the ipad would fit. Telena was very pleased to discover that she can turn the felt cover inside out because both sides are attractive.

Telena's felt ipad cover

Telena has also been indulging her passion for knitting, and she's been working on the sleeves to a jumper she showed us not so long ago. She thinks she'll have it finished just in time for the warmer weather, but is happy to have it ready for when the cold sets in next year.

Stephen Bennett

Stephen Bennett has had a man-cold all week, so he's been a bit under the weather creatively. He did, however, find a camellia flower on our pathway this morning, and he took a very nice photograph of it.


He also finished his camera renovation project this week, and here are the finished bellows, ready to go. Nice job.


Scarlet Bennett

It's still too cold in Canberra to be soldering, hammering and filing downstairs in my jewellery studio, so I've been making pieces that I can put together on the couch in our warm living room.

I played around with some copper wire and black lava stone this week, creating a necklace that I put together with sterling silver links and findings. I made a pair of earrings to match too.

Copper lava stone jewellery

I also made a necklace and earring set using amber stones with mixed sterling silver findings.

Amber and sterling silver necklace set