Week 38: Creative Challenge 52

Opera singer and Strange Bedfellow, Kanen Breen, has been performing at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival with his partner in crime, Jacqui Dark.

'Sequins, glitter, booze, nodules, red carpets, more booze, midnight guest spots, hangovers, more booze. I'm too old for this,' he says.

His shoes, I'm sure, have been some consolation.

Kanen's shoes

Trish Urquhart

Trish's comfrey fritters

Trish Urquhart, who runs Allaboutwriting, works as a documentary producer for Left-Eye Productions, and tries her best to live up to the title chef extraordinaire, has outdone herself in Patience's little narrowboat kitchen this week. With Richard working to a tight script deadline, Trish made a scriptwriter's dream supper to sustain him.

She started with a salad of carrot and coriander with spicy mango chutney sunflowers seeds (I'm definitely going to try this) and she followed with Georgian Lobio and fried haloumi. A feast fit for a king. And if that weren't enough, Trish also posted a recipe blog for the rest of us to follow. Check it out here. It looks absolutely delicious.

Trish has also been foraging along the river banks picking elderflowers and comfrey leaves, which she turned into fritters. She drizzled the fritters with a syrup made of elderflower cordial seasoned with togarashi.

Trish's elderflower fritters

And she even managed to fit in some travel photography. A big creative week!

Trish's travel photography

Telena Routh

Having developed an interest in eco-dyeing, Telena recently enrolled in a weekend workshop to extend her limited experience. She loves the idea of being able to add the beauty of nature to her felting. With the workshop running this weekend, she made four felted wraps in advance. Two were felted from merino fleece and she made two nuno felt wraps, which are a combination of fleece and silk chiffon. They're cream and very simple in style.

Telena has been collecting different types of leaves for printing, including a range of Eucalypts and some lovely autumn foliage.

Yesterday in the workshop she experimented on small samples of fabric. She made up bubbling dye baths and immersed the folded, pegged and blocked bundles, letting them cook while eagerly anticipating the resulting alchemy. Today she's been working on her felt wraps and, if we're lucky, we'll get to see the results next week.

Telena's eco-dyeing
Telena's felt wraps
Hall markets

Stephen Bennett

Stephen Bennett had a lot of errands to run today, but in between jobs he's been popping back and forth to the Hall markets to watch Georgia's regular monthly gig. He wandered around with his camera while he was there, capturing something of the ambience on what has been an awfully cold day in Canberra. I'm not too proud to admit that I had to rummage through my wardrobe looking for long johns in order to survive the -3 degree 8am set-up.

At the end of the day, once the punters had gone home and the stall holders were all packing up, Steve set up the video camera in the only safe, discreet place possible - so sorry about the industrial aesthetic - to film Georgia's final song of the day. She performed for five hours, and this was her closing number. Not half bad for someone who was exhausted.

singer songwriter georgia bennett
Hall markets

Scarlet Bennett

Turquoise and sterling silver

Turquoise and sterling silver

I've been working on jewellery giveaways for book bloggers to give their readers when they post about my book after it's released on 14 July. Being me, I've taken a small-scale project and made it bigger than Ben-Hur.

I made a couple of pendants this week, and a heap of earrings too - too many for this blog, but I've chosen a few to share here. My next task is to make some book-themed items and that's going to be my priority next weekend. There's definitely no rest for the wicked around here.

Freshwater pearls with sterling silver hearts

Freshwater pearls with sterling silver hearts

Amethyst and sterling silver

Amethyst and sterling silver

Turquoise and yellow marble pendants

Turquoise and yellow marble pendants

Red agate earrings