Week 41: Creative Challenge 52

Georgia Bennett did a great gig this weekend. She played at the Super Hero Family Fun Day in Gold Creek. It was a PCYC community event to get kids interacting with the police.

Singer Georgia Bennett as the Black Widow from Captain America

After Stephen Bennett did his roadie thing for Georgia, he wandered around for a bit with his camera, taking candid shots.

Super Hero Family Fun Day photos

With her Supanova costume at the ready, Georgia went as the Black Widow from Captain America. I'm crazy about that hair! And I bet the dude who went as Batman was loving himself sick in that macho outfit. 'Stick with me, son.  I'll see you straight.'

Georgia Bennett at Superhero Family Fun Day

Kanen breen

Opera singer and Strange Bedfellow, Kanen Breen, is introducing us, tonight, to the latest fashion craze to sweep his hotel room. He calls it the wonky tie and he's in love.

There's a Daiso store within spitting distance of Kanen's Curren abode, and he trotted down there yesterday for inspiration after a fairly arduous week of Sweeney Todd rehearsals. What's not to love about a store which stocks the most bizarre assortment of merchandise where everything is priced at $2.80?

Kanen returned to his hotel room with this white tie that is pre-tied, has a zipper tightening arrangement, and some orange acrylic paint. He admits that he had more grandiose plans than time allowed this weekend (and he still intends to attempt these), but knowing full-well that he had the dregs of a bottle of red Glitterlites in his bag, he set out to create a prototype for the pre-tied, pre-shaped, pre-everything wonky tie!

Daiso white tie

With a $2.80 roll of wire at hand, but no wire cutters to work with, he couldn't quite achieve the shape he'd envisaged, but it's early days for the WT (as he calls it - funny), and he'll see if he can make reality match his vision in coming weeks.

The Wonky Tie in progress

That said, Kanen says he's fully enjoyed this first result, the crumple allowing the sparkle to catch more light. He loves his bling, our Kanen, and the Wonky Tie looks set to become the season's latest and greatest craze. Order now - while stocks last.

The one and only Wonky Tie

Trish Urquhart

Trish Urquhart, who runs Allaboutwriting, works as a documentary producer for Left-Eye Productions, and tries her best to live up to the title chef extraordinaire, has been in Spain holidaying with family this past week. It was a perfect opportunity to indulge her passion for travel photography. Enjoy!

Trish Urquhart in Spain
Trish Urquhart on holiday in Spain

Trish didn't do much cooking while she was away - just one meal, and what a meal it was: beetroot cured salmon and prawns marinated in chili, garlic and fino. Yum. Check out Trish's food blog for more news of her fabulous cooking adventures.

Trish Urquhart on holiday in Spain

It was delightfully warm in Spain, except for a sweltering 45 degree (Celcius) day on their last day there, and Trish and Richard enjoyed some walks and swims, a few touristy excursions, and some delicious and interesting food. On one of their outings, Trish played around with the these tiles and some lichen that she found nearby. Gorgeous.

Trish Urquhart on holiday in Spain

Telena Routh

Classical oboist and textile designer, Telena Routh, has been able to spend more time felting and dyeing this week as a result of the NSW school holidays, although she's still had quite a few students to teach.

She's been eco-dyeing again, and this week she experimented with cochineal in the dye bath.

Telena's cochineal eco-dyeing

Telena made a nuno felted waistcoat in black and white by laying silk fabrics onto black fleece and felting them together. She also made a collar in paler shades, which can be worn reversed to reveal the silk underneath. She made a waistcoat from merino wool and eco-dyed it with eucalypts. Both waistcoats can be worn upside down to create a bigger collar/smaller coat.

Telena's nuno felted waistcoat
Telena's merino wrap eco-dyed with eucalypts

Telena has some other projects underway in preparation for the winter sale and exhibition of the North Shore Craft Group later this week. What a week! Nice work, Telena.

North Shore Craft Group Exhibition

Scarlet Bennett

I've had some A-grade pearls sitting in my jewellery box begging for attention for a while now, and I've had a hankering for classic designs this week. What could be more classic than pearls?

I indulged myself by making a Heart of a Rose pearl set with a classic pearl necklace and some matching earrings. Note the hearts on the catch of the necklace - I love that touch. These pieces don't jump off the screen and grab attention like some, but they'll last for decades and never go out of style. And I can't describe how gorgeous the pearls feel.

Heart of a Rose pearl set