Scarlet Bennett
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Scarlet Bennett is a mixed media artist who works primarily with metal using silver smithing and metal work techniques. She uses recycled silver, upcycled metal, and found objects (along with traditional materials and gemstones) to create distinctive, unique pieces. Scarlet gets much of her inspiration from nature and her work features colours and themes from the scenes that inspire her in the natural world. She is an experimental artist who continually seeks out new artistic challenges and new ways of incorporating other art forms -  such as painting and sculpture - into her work.

Scarlet has been making bespoke pieces of jewellery on commission since 2011.

Working with other artists, musicians and corporates

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Scarlet holds a Masters degree in Psychology, and her graduate research was in performance psychology. In 2011, she was the Course Convenor for Psychological Strategies for Peak Performance at the Australian National University's College of Arts and Social Sciences, teaching emerging musicians, actors and artists how to maintain peak performance and resilience in the competitive field of the arts. She has run a successful organisational psychology business since that time, providing performance and occupational psychology services to public and private corporate clients throughout Australia.

Earlier in her career, Scarlet worked as a popular singer (live and as a studio session singer) before training in classical vocal technique with Robert Gard OBE in Sydney in the 1990s. She was Head of Music at David Atkins' Dynamite Dance School of Performing Arts where she taught singing and music theory. While she performs infrequently these days, she remains engaged with music education through a part-time voice teaching role at the Burgmann Anglican School in Canberra.