Fellow animal lovers, please note...jacket is faux leather and fur.

Fellow animal lovers, please note...jacket is faux leather and fur.

Scarlet Bennett is an occupational psychology specialist with niche expertise in helping creative people to develop the psychological strengths that foster high achievement. Visit her professional website at www.musepsychology.com for resources to support your own creative endeavours. You can also find resources to help you manage stress and maintain your focus at www.soundjourneys.com.au

A creative artist herself, Scarlet 'walks the talk' in her own creative work. This website showcases her creative output in music, writing and silversmithing/jewellery making.


Scarlet Bennett worked as a popular singer (live and as a studio session singer) before training in classical vocal technique with Robert Gard OBE in Sydney in the 1990s. Scarlet has taught in private practice since that time, and she was Head of Music at David Atkins' Dynamite Dance School of Performing Arts where she taught singing and music theory.

Scarlet holds a Masters degree in Psychology, and her graduate research was in performance psychology. In 2011, she was the Course Convenor for Psychological Strategies for Peak Performance at the Australian National University's School of Music.

Scarlet is the lead singer, keyboard player and hand drummer in Silent Red and The Burnout.. She teaches singing (contemporary genres and music theatre) and keyboard at Mode Red Studio. She also provides individual coaching for musicians struggling with stage fright.

Scarlet studied audio engineering and music production through a Dublin based college.


Scarlet Bennett's debut novel, Striking Out, was published by Firefield Press on 14 July 2015. The novel is the first in a series about an ambitious singer songwriter from regional Western Australia, who moves to the city to become a star, encountering a series of colourful characters along the way - including Todd, the sexy, brooding muso with the dragon tattoo, and sleazy Des, the agent who wants much more than a ten percent cut of her earnings.

In addition to working on the sequel to Striking Out, she is currently writing the first novel in a new series about a forensic psychologist who uses her professional skills to unveil the secrets that people will kill to keep hidden. Her journeys into the darkest recesses of the human mind leave her struggling with cynicism and despair as the foundations of her own live unravel.


Scarlet is a self-taught silversmith with a passion for bold, signature pieces. Some of her creations are showcased here.